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“The Romanian-American Foundation aims to support civil society initiatives with a business-like approach, which we are confident will bring added value. We are here for the long term.”
Roxana Vitan, Executive Director, Romanian-American Foundation
Welcome to The Romanian - American Foundation

The Romanian-American Foundation works to harness American business experience and optimism with Romanian skills and ingenuity for a more prosperous, democratic and entrepreneurial society in Romania.

The Foundation does this by making social investments in Entrepreneurship, Education, Community Development, Applied Researsch and Technological Innovation.

Public Participation Awards Gala
The Romanian-American Foundation proudly supports CeRe’s initiative to recognize individuals and organizations that bring their communities’ problems to the public agenda and find solutions to solve them.
ARTIE-ENT Finalists

Congratulations to the participants of the first cycle of Romanian Innovation Commercialization  Assistance Program (RICAP)!

New debates on public policies in agriculture

 For the past eighteen months, as part of the ”Rural Development through Entrepreneurship and Association” program, financed by the Romanian-American Foundation, CRPE conducted research focused on the association of small and medium-sized farmers, in view of formulating an integrated vision for the upcoming 2014-2020 Rural Development Program (RDP).

ARTIE has achieved two important milestones

Romanian-American Foundation is pleased to announce that Applied Research, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ARTIE) Program has achieved two important milestones:

ARTIE-POC Finalists

We are pleased to announce the list of finalists for ARTIE-POC



How can Romanian produce gain better access to supermarkets?

The series of events organized to launch the analysis and recommendations reports on agricultural public policies continued with a debate on the report “Association in agriculture – How can Romanian produce gain better access to supermarkets?”

Crediting small and medium-size agricultural producers in Romania

The fourth report elaborated by CRPE:  “Providing equitable micro-loans to credit small and medium-sized farms in Romania. Possible solutions for the programming period 2014-2020”

Annual Report 2012

We invite you to get an insight on RAF's main achievements in 2012.

Romanian-American Foundation opens the Call for Applied Research Grants

The Romanian-American Foundation (RAF) announces the opening of the Applied Research, Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ARTIE) Proof of Concept (POC) Call for Proposals, referred to hereafter as the ARTIE-POC Call.

The Conference IMPACT and Non-formal Education in Schools

Non-formal education plays, alongside with schooling, an important role in the development of children and youths.

Applied Research, Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ARTIE)

Applied Research, Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ARTIE)

Agricultural policies and taxation

On Tuesday, 29 January 2013, the RAF House hosted the launch of the report The new fiscal measures and the association of small producers.

UnConference Restart Edu

UnConference Restart Edu took place between 23rd and 25th of December, in Bucharest

Association in agriculture – back on the front lines of the public agenda in Romania

CRPE launched a report on good practices for sustainable agricultural associations

Social Enterprises Day debuts in Romania

NESsT România Foundation organized the first edition of Social Enterprises Day in Romania

New Initiatives for the Romanian Education System

Programs for students, teachers and school managers

Stimulating Philanthropy in Romania

ARC is developing fundraising tools for individual donations

Entrepreneurship in Rural Romania

An ample development program for rural areas in Romania

Green Entrepreneurship - The Next Step

RAF announces the 7 social enterprises in "Green Entrepreneurship".

Emergency Grants of $380,000

Emergency financial aid for 63 former beneficiaries of Fundaţia Dinu Patriciu.

The finalists of Restart in Education

Techsoup announces the 7 projects to receive support from Microsoft for a beta version.

Restart in Education, Facts and Figures

TechSoup announces the 20 semifinalists of Restart in Education.

The Official Launch of Restart in Education

TechSoup is preparing "Imaginarium", the launching event of Restart in Education.

Community Foundations in Romania

The Network of Community Foundations is growing.

Reform and Innovation in Education

RAF is financing two more programs focused on reforming and innovating education.

Investments of over $ 3,000,000

We have invested over $3,000,000 in funding programs in Romania.

Two new programs in education

RAF is supporting two new programs implemented by JAR and SAR.

New Programs in Entrepreneurship and Education

RAF is offering two more grants with a total value of over $900,000.

Over $1,300,000 in New Programs

RAF is supporting three more programs with over $ 1,300,000.

Training Seminar

JAR organizes a training seminar in partnership with RAF.

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