Rural Economy

Creating Opportunities for Small Farmers

Piloting possible solutions for rural economic development in agriculture.

The program provides a framework for RAF rural development partners to support more interested parties in developing new cooperatives in Romania by accessing public funds based on the methodology tested in four locations by RAF partners.
Food Hub Development
A group of Romanian NGOs develop and pilot Food Hubs as sustainable economic alternatives that can ensure fair market access to small local food producers and individual small farmers.
Agricultural high schools – educating the next generation of farmers
Agricultural high schools education helps students acquire the necessary skills to become small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in agriculture.
Teach for Romania
Attracting, selecting and contributing to the professional development of young graduates willing to teach in schools situated in vulnerable areas, and support them to become leaders in Romania’s education using the Teach for All model.
Local Development through Ecotourism

Capitalizing on natural and cultural potential through responsible and economically viable means.

Development of Ecotourism Destinations
Accelerating the establishment of ecotourism destinations and consolidating a country-wide ecotourism network will make a major contribution to the development of Romanian ecotourism.
Education for ecotourism
Education can contribute to the long-run development of the ecotourism destinations, building up the needed skills and attitudes of the young generations.

Technology & Innovation

Entrepreneurship in higher education

We work together with technical universities in Romania to provide students with an opportunity to gain a set of technical and soft skills that help them develop their entrepreneurial potential, understand market mechanisms and think innovatively.

Entrepreneurial University
The Entrepreneurial University program provides dynamic universities with small grant opportunities to develop entrepreneurial education and innovation activities and events. Through the program Junior Achievement will expand their JA Practice Entrepreneurship Program to five universities centers providing those students with valuable entrepreneurship education programming. Lastly, the program will assist university hubs to draw local business in developing new opportunities for students.
Innovation Labs
Innovation Labs is a University based pre-accelerator program designed to expose students interested in technology and entrepreneurship to the rigors of developing their ideas for products and services. The program is currently hosted in five university centers nationally including Bucharest, Cluj, Iași, Sibiu, and Timișoara and serves student teams from smaller universities from around the country.
Fulbright-RAF Scholar Award
The Fulbright-RAF Scholar Award is a nationwide program that exposes Romanian professors from technical universities to a U.S. university-based experience in developing and integrating entrepreneurship education. Those experiences have broadened the entrepreneurial ecosystem and translated in numerous opportunities for Romanian students including new entrepreneurship courses, business plan competitions, specialized workshops with local entrepreneurs, and changes to the delivery of class curricula. 
STEM Education

In secondary education, RAF has intervened to promote teaching methods meant to stimulate both the students’ interest in science as well as their critical thinking and creativity. The long-term stake for the foundation is to contribute to the formation of a new generation of graduates who are able to take development opportunities in technology and innovation and match the requirements of an increasingly competitive market.

Științescu Fund
This program supports setting up a local funding mechanism for education micro-initiatives aimed at raising children’s interest in sciences.
Code Kids – Coding for Kids in Libraries
The program aims to assist children in rural areas and small towns to learn basic coding attending coding clubs activities in public libraries.
Fizica Altfel (Physics Curriculum Reform)
This program was designed to strengthen the teaching of physics through investigative methods.
After piloting and successfully testing the methods, the program entered the expansion and consolidation phase.
Teaching the Future
The program pilots an intervention aimed at supporting computer science teachers to adopt project-based teaching strategies for their class and to create active-learning environments in their schools.

Civic Engagement

Developing an Infrastructure for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement

RAF contributes to the development of an infrastructure of mechanisms and models designed to stimulate philanthropy and foster civic engagement and community development.

The programs under this strategy

  • strengthen existing  mechanisms for mobilizing private resources and bridge society issues with expertise, volunteerism, solidarity, and other resources from people and companies.



  • foster public outreach initiatives, such as research, storytelling, and promoting role models.



  • build and strengthen the capacity of RAF partner organizations to take and/or support leadership in their field of activity
Development of Community Foundations in Romania
The program aims to develop the community foundations’ capacity to become active centers for local philanthropy and to consolidate the community foundations network at the national level.
Easy Giving (finalized program)
This program was designed to stimulate the development of philanthropy in Romania by operating a collaborative, transparent, safe, efficient and easy-to-use individual donation mechanism in partnership with major Romanian banks and mobile phone operators.
The program aims to develop the capacity and increase the sustainability of the Galantom fundraising platform in Romania.
Solutions Journalism: Reconstruction and Resilience
The program aims to develop a framework of solutions journalism to help society multiply success stories, and recover faster from the economic, psychological, and personal crises caused by the pandemic.  
Ashoka Innovators for the Public
RAF supported the introduction and replication of the Ashoka Innovators for the Public model in Romania, a program that identifies and supports entrepreneurial individuals with innovative solutions for society’s systemic problems.
Code for Romania
Scaling up the activities and increasing the sustainability of the Code for Romania Association, as well as growing their volunteers’ community, who works to develop digital solutions for issues of public interest.
Marketing and Communication Polyclinic
Improving the communication capacities and the performance in the public relation field of RAF partner NGOs.
GDPR and AML Compliance
The program aims to improve the capacity of the Romanian NGO sector to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Legislation.
Transatlantic Leadership Initiatives
This program increases the annual number of seats allocated to Romanian leaders eligible to participate in the Marshall Memorial Fellowship program, organized by GMF in the U.S. and Europe.
Civic Education

We envision a society where more young people get involved in civic initiatives, contribute actively to the resolution of various issues in their communities, donate and volunteer. To this end, we support non-formal civic education programs and explore methods to be used by schools in order to build better civic competences for children.

Teaching Media Literacy
The program aims to contribute to improving media literacy of high-school students, both as media consumers and generators of content. The abundance of information and social media changed the media consumption and content creation. New skills, such as critical understanding and usage of information, become more and more important. The project aims to respond to this new trend contributing to building media literacy as a new set of civic skills.
Debate Program in Schools
The program supports the use of debate as an educational tool both in debate clubs (extra-curricular) and during classes.
One World Romania at School
Stimulates the use of documentary films about human rights as a civic education tool, both during classes and as an extra-curricular activity.
Project citizen
Project Citizen is a civic education method teaching students how to relate with public authorities and use their citizen rights to influence their decisions. The program supports the inclusion of this method in the current practice of teaching civic education in the seventh grade.
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