Requests to use the RAF House event rooms can be made by phone, calling 0312.261.223, or by e-mail at .

Please plan ahead and keep in mind that a ”first come, first served” policy applies to the booking process. Organizations financed by RAF are granted priority in reservation.

The RAF house event rooms are available Monday through Friday, between 9am – 6 pm. We provide our space and rooms’ equipment free of charge, but organizations are expected to cover their own event expenses (catering etc).

Since the RAF House is also the Foundation’s headquarters, organizations hosting events here commit to not interfere with RAF’s daily activity and will avoid making excessive noise, playing loud music, or speaking too loudly.

If the event organized at the RAF House includes catering services, please DO NOT include in the menu dishes that need catering food warmers. The capsules used to keep the heat under the containers emit gas with pungent odor, irritating to the eyes and throat, which rises on the staircase and accumulates in the upstairs offices.

Failure to comply with this request leads to the refusal to host the organization in the future.

Applicants are advised to follow these steps:

Verify that they meet the eligibility criteria listed below.
Check the availability of the rooms with the RAF staff.
For the first request, obtain a recommendation from our partners (in line with the eligibility criteria).
Fill out the event room booking form to secure the reservation, which is provisional until RAF receives the completed booking form. Failure to send the filled out booking form within three days from the solicitation request will result in its annulment.
Complete the List of Participants and send it by e-mail or by regular post to RAF, at least one day prior to the event date, to facilitate the participants’ access in the building.

Information about the event

Event hours

Event room

Event type

Technical/material resources needed:

*the organizers must bring their own paper and markers for the flipchart



The RAF Hose event rooms are available for organizations and work gropus that meet the following eligibility criteria:

All solicitants must be fervent exponents of the civil society enterprising activities, projects or programs in one of the Romanian-American Foundation key areas of interest, namely entrepreneurship, education and community development.
Organizations which are not in contractual relations with RAF (financial support, events, partnerships, collaborations) are advised to identify a RAF partner organization that can recommend them and give references about them.
Since our goal is to help developing the nongovernmental nonprofit sector, RAF House will not be hosting events for politically affiliated organizations, nor activities generating profit for the organizers. Any eventual attandance fee is only justifiable if used for protocol expenses (catering, coffee break, paper and markers for flipchart etc.)
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