In 2018, RAF House hosted 70 events organized by 36 civil society organizations, bringing together more than 2,300 participants, which translates into a RAF in-kind contribution of over $72,300.

Built in the interwar period, the house now serves as headquarters of the Romanian-American Foundation and is firmly rooted in the tradition of private residences, boasting spaces of social interaction – a quintessential trait of the pre-war Bucharest lifestyle. In a way, its original use perfectly mirrors the foundation’s activities in terms of impact on and importance for society – an environment brimming with innovation, enterprise and social commitment. This building is truly remarkable through its ability to reinvent itself in each era as a public space, open to hosting events, propitious for the fervent exchange of ideas and the birth of projects and partnerships. In the beginning, the salons were open to people with an enquiring mind, an artistic disposition or an enterprising character. Today, the Romanian-American Foundation welcomes people of skill, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit seeking the support of a steadfast partner in order to fulfill their vision. In fact, by developing an environment opened to civic and social interaction, the Foundation remains true to the original attributions of the house and to its importance in the community social background.

The rooms at the ground floor can be used by organizations or working groups as ideal locations for events focused on developing the key areas of RAF interest: entrepreneurship, education and community development. Organizations financed by Romanian-American Foundation and the ones meeting the eligibility criteria can use the RAF House event rooms, free of charge.

Romanian-American Foundation House provides:

  • 3 event rooms hosting a total number of 90 persons
  • Guidance for event organization
  • Modern audio and video technical equipment

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Bridging the Gap event
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