“The Marketing and Communication Polyclinic” is a capacity-building program for the RAF’s partner NGOs. It aims to improve the organizations’ performance in public relations and communications in order to increase their impact in communities and at the national level.


RAF programs seek to generate systemic change, for which wide support in the community is needed and important resources must be allocated. To gain this support, in addition to proposal writing and project implementation, organizations need coherent and smart marketing and communication programs.

Most civil society organizations see communication as a support tool for programs, to be delegated within or outside the organization. In order to garner support and generate the expected results, communication must become an essential part of an organization’s strategy. Without a strategic anchor (“why do we communicate?”), it is almost impossible to decide the “what” and “how”. Therefore, communication must be integrated as a key-position in strategic planning.



Fundația Friends for Friends brought together representatives of the communications industry (branding, public relations, social media and copywriting specialists) under the umbrella of the Marketing and Communication Polyclinic to provide assistance to NGOs. The program consists of:

Assessing the organizations to calibrate the program.
1-to-1 mentoring/coaching sessions, followed by specialized reports and personalized recommendations.
Specialized training sessions / workshops.
Developing communication projects, assisted by at least one industry specialist, to incorporate the strategic integration in everyday work.


The Marketing and Communication Polyclinic for NGOs came out of the realization that there are tens of NGOs that operate amazing programs, with significant impact for society, but only a few of those are “communication ready”. Most NGOs are not prepared to tell the world what they do and increase their notoriety, impact, and access to funding, which would make them sustainable in the long run.

The solution we offer is to transfer key marketing and communication knowledge and skills to the NGOs, so non-governmental organizations employees can raise awareness and amplify impact. Briefly, every NGO worker has to be a communicator one way or another. Our goal is to help the organizations in the program understand the importance of communications, receive the necessary tools, and use them to make their vision, projects, failures and results known.

Beatrice Weber
Fundația Friends for Friends
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