Romanian-American Foundation (RAF) celebrates two years of existence, investing over $3,000,000 in programs in the Romanian non-profit sector. So far, RAF has financed – entirely or partially – 10 complex programs, offering a total number of 14 grants in the 3 major areas of interest: entrepreneurship, education and community development.

„Although we are talking about more than 3 million dollars in grants – a considerable amount – what we pride ourselves with after two years of activity are the programs we identified and supported, in our three areas of focus. At the present time, we are financing three major programs in entrepreneurship, six in education and one in community development, in more than 125 localities around the county. Each of these programs has a complex structure, having impact on many levels and results over the long term – the key to sustainable growth, our main standard in awarding grants”, said Roxana Vitan, RAF Executive Director.

The amounts allocated for each RAF program area are: $1.019.411 for entrepreneurship, $1.970.819 for education and $150.000 for community development. According to RAF’s estimations, the ongoing projects have an impact on over 150.000 people in Romania, directly involved in their implementation or as their beneficiaries.

Since its arrival in Romania, Romanian-American Foundation have been selecting and offering grants for the following programs:

In the area of entrepreneurship:
• A program on the development of social enterprises for minorities – a 4 year program, initiated in January 2010, where RAF plays the role of the Romanian strategic partner for NESsT. The value of RAF grant: $500.000.
• Green Entrepreneurship is a program meant to create social enterprises for a sustainable development – a 3 year program, initiated in January 2011, coordinated by the Fundația pentru Parteneriat together with Centrul pentru Educaţie Economică şi Dezvoltare din România  (CEED). The value of RAF grant: $489.411.
• Financial support granted to the social enterprise Motivation Romania through a loan financing the working capital.

In the area of education:
• A program offering entrepreneurial education for students in small town schools (fewer than 50.000 inhabitants) – a 3 year program, initiated in October 2009, coordinated by Junior Achievement. The value of RAF grant: $325.500. In 2011, RAF became national partner of Junior Achievement through the campaign “Invest in Education!” offering an additional financial support of $250.000.
• A program teaching leadership to young people – a 3 year program, initiated in September 2010, coordinated by Fundaţia CODECS pentru Leadership. The value of RAF grant: $126.000.
• “IMPACT” program for extracurricular education on entrepreneurial activities – a 2 year program, initiated in December 2010, coordinated by Fundaţia Noi Orizonturi. The value of RAF grant: $332.965.
• A program developing career skills for young people – a 3 yearprogram, initiated in December 2010, coordinated by the Asociaţia Alternative Sociale. The value of RAF grant: $484.080.
• “Improving Mathematics Education” is a program aiming to improve mathematical education in schools – a 3 year program, initiated in March 2011, coordinated by the Societatea de Științe Matematice din România. The value of RAF grant: $506.729
• “Science Curriculum Reform” is a program dedicated to offering physics and sciences teachers the most adequate and modern teaching methods – a 5 month program, initiated in June 2011, coordinated by Societatea Academică din România. The value of RAF grant: $30.545

In the area of community development:
• The program aims to support the development and creation community foundations – a 3 year program initiated in January 2010, coordinated by Asociaţia pentru Relaţii Comunitare (ARC), together with Fundaţia pentru Parteneriat and Fundaţia PACT. The value of RAF grant: $150.000

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