How can I apply for RAF funding?

RAF funds programs by invitation only. Prospective partners and program managers are sourced by our program officers and invited to work with the Foundation team, which helps potential partners prepare project proposals for submission to the Board of Trustees for approval.

How does RAF select its partners?

The Foundation partners with public, private and nonprofit leaders in Romania and the United States, as well as other donors in the region. We identify creative partners and program managers who can be catalysts for change, with good ideas, a strong track record, collaborative skills and shared values.  Civil society organizations that implement programs aligned with our mission are typical partners, and the Romanian-American Foundation funds these joint efforts via grants.

What are the criteria an organization has to meet to be a RAF partner?

RAF collaborates with organizations that share a common vision and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Any partner must be a legally registered entity with strong leadership, a relevant track record, excellent reputation, sound operations and policies, and a core permanent staff;
  • All programs must fall under one of our areas of focus (education, entrepreneurship, community development);
  • Programs must address an important issue, clearly demonstrate a social need, be sustainable and be able to attract additional resources;
  • Long-term programs with national coverage and clear, broad impact in target  communities will be encouraged;
  • Grant beneficiaries are expected to contribute about 10% of the total program budget in cash or in kind;
  • RAF will not replace or substitute any public service;
  • RAF will not invest in projects or organizations that may be viewed as maintaining political affiliations;
    Funded activities must respect human rights and the environment;
  • A strict conflict of interest policy will be enforced at all levels of operation.

What is the minimum cost-share of our partners when implementing projects?

Reciprocity is one of RAF’s working principles: partners and grantees contribute their own resources (not necessarily money) to the project. We evaluate together the capacity of each organization before determining what the contribution should consist of. At the same time, where necessary, we support partner organizations’ efforts to increase their fundraising capacity.

Can RAF offer financial support to businesses?

No, RAF cannot offer financial support to businesses, its funds being assigned exclusively for NGOs.

Can RAF give scholarships or grants to individuals?

The Foundation does not have a scholarship program and does not provide grants for individuals, its resources target the not-for-profit sector only. There has been one single exception when RAF offered emergency financial support to former scholars from Dinu Patriciu Foundation, whose scholarships were suspended in January 2012.

Can RAF offer sponsorship for organizing events?

Since the annual budgets of the Foundation are limited, RAF does not finance or sponsors separate events which are not part of its programs.

What type of reports does RAF require from partners?

RAF grantees provide both activity and financial reports. Each program has its own reporting cycle.

What is the best moment to send funding proposals to RAF?

There are no formal proposal deadlines as our team works with potential partners on an ongoing basis. The development and review of a full application (including due diligence) may take three to four months. Grants are approved by the Board of Directors three times per year, in February, May and October.

How do I apply for a job/internship at RAF?

Currently, there are no job openings or internship programs available. Should such opportunities arise, RAF will announce them on our website.

Can RAF host events in the evening or during weekends?

RAF House is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are no exceptions from this schedule.

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