The honey vacation and my first bee hive: 20 students from the ”Dimitrie Cantemir” Agricultural High School in Huși take a first step towards becoming beekeeping entrepreneurs.

Providing students with internship opportunities on real farms and facilitating students’ interaction with successful agricultural entrepreneurs were among the priorities of the consortium implementing the program ”Agricultural High Schools – Local Hubs for the development of small and medium-sized farms”.

Early this August, among the hills between Vaslui and Huși, in the vicinity of the Solești acacia forest in Moldova, 20 high school students worked tens of bee hives during a two-week internship. They were guided by Cristian and Ciprian Bodescu, the apiary owners, who showed them the ropes and shared some of the secrets of the trade with the students while imparting their experiences as young entrepreneurs in agriculture.

The honey vacation
The honey vacation in the Solești apiary - students in action.

The 20 students came form the ”Dimitrie Cantemir” Agricultural High School in Huși, where they are part of the beekeeping workshop led by their teacher Eugen Partenie, who is a beekeper himself. After each lesson at the hive, students followed-up by completing a practical workbook ”My first bee hive” designed by the World Vision team, who coordinates this project component.


After the ”honey vacation”, more precisely at the end of the internship at the Solești apiary, the young beekeepers received four fully equipped bee hives, that can help them launch their own agricultural business. The World Vision Foundation team will organize periodical visits to assess whether their small businesses still need assistance or if they will become self-sustainable.


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